Case Studies

Premium school in Dubai: For 3 years we have managed the human resource and recruitment departments and informed financial strategy, including annual school budgets. This school has successfully grown year on year, seeing increased retention and staff satisfaction. We have also designed an effective organisation structure and impacted curriculum structure with regards to timetables and teacher efficiency.

Outstanding school in Bahrain: We have worked as a partner with this school for two years. In this time, we have recruited a new head of school, built a financial and cost management strategy for the school, relaunched the governing body and implemented an effective marketing and admissions strategy.

New schools in Saudi Arabia: We have recently completed all aspects of planning for a new school in KSA and are now in the process of guiding a chosen architect to design two new schools. We have completed the local market research needed to build the financial projections for the projects, both pre operations and a 10-year operational projection. This was done in partnership with a comprehensive academic plan, including a focused vision, that reflected the owner’s mission for the school. An important aspect of the work has been to ensure KSA regulatory expectations are being met. This will be a 3 to 4-year partnership that involves all aspects of delivering a new school from inception to operation.

New school in Sharjah: Similar to the project in KSA, we are supporting all aspects of the planning for a new school in Sharjah. This project also includes a contract to operate the school for the investors, ensuring that the school is both academically and financially successful.

British school in Ethiopia: Using our structured approach, we are supporting the owners of a school in Addis Ababa to ensure the school is both academically and financially viable. We have developed the governance of the school, brought in a new leadership team, ensured a healthy growth in student numbers, addressed issues relation to academic and financial performance. In its fourth year of operation (2023-24), we expect the school to be educating 1,000 students and delivering a healthy financial surplus.