School Operations & Management

If you are a school owner seeking a supportive infrastructure that brings you peace of mind as well as improved financials, academic quality and educational integrity then you should speak to us.

Mayfair Education will work with you to develop metrics and key performance indicators to ensure effective delivery of your ambitions. Mayfair Education will operate your school, giving you peace of mind and an assurance that your school business will thrive. We take a holistic view of school operations and management working in seven key areas:

Strategy: A clear and coherent strategy, articulating the vision for the school and reflecting the needs of the school, linked to measurable impact.

Academic: Ensuring the school is set to deliver exceptional student outcomes and continually improving academic quality.

Finance: Supporting schools to deliver quality education and, at the same time meeting financial expectations and targets, ensuring investors achieve expected financial returns.

Investment, Legal & Regulatory: Ensuring the school meets all local regulatory expectations and is structured for success in relation to investment and investor relations. Good governance and business discipline are central to the success of well-functioning schools.

Commercial: Delivering strategies that impact on student fee strategy and approaches to student enrolment, including all areas of marketing, PR and stakeholder management.

Organisation: Managing effective and efficient attraction and recruitment processes for leaders, teachers and administration. Ensuring an appropriate compensation and benefits strategy. Developing staff engagement and wellness. Delivering a measurable impact on staff satisfaction and retention, leading directly to improved academic outcomes.

Operations: Ensure school operations are managed in a safe and economically sound manner. Oversight of all aspects of facilities management and procurement to ensure best value from teams and contracted services Ensure effective health and safety policies and protocols as well as also ensure the IT infrastructure is effective and fit for purpose.

To discuss our approach to school operations and management, please email our Education Director Mark Whitfield at [email protected]