New School Planning & Preops

If you are a school owner seeking a supportive infrastructure that brings you peace of mind as well as improved financials, academic quality, and educational integrity then Mayfair Education can support you in delivering your ambitions.

Mayfair Education works with owners to take an education vision through the pre-operational phases to the school opening its doors to students. We ensure that the long-term strategies, both educational and operational, fit the school vision and deliver educational excellence.

Mayfair Education takes care of the following key areas:

  • Strategy, vision and mission
  • Architectural, technical and construction assistance
  • Organisation, human resource and recruitment management
  • Academic planning, curriculum, learning and student management
  • Procurement and material management
  • Operations and contracts management
  • Financial and cost management
  • Marketing and admissions
  • Owner relations and governance
  • Legal and regulatory compliance

Mayfair Education will ensure that all critical phases of new school planning are planned appropriately and delivered in a timely manner, while always being cost effective.

To discuss our approach to school new school planning and preops, please email our Operations Director Chris Marshall at [email protected]